📪Business Model

Degen Wallet's Professional Business Model:

Money In:

  1. User and Team:

    • User: Degen Wallet's users are the primary source of income, participating in unique features and venture capital opportunities.

    • Team: Degen Wallet management and development department, ensuring the continuity and efficiency of the ecosystem.


  1. Protocol: System Platform

    • Degen Wallet operates as a protocol platform, connecting users and investment opportunities securely and conveniently.

    • Degen Wallet provides features such as Staking, Farming High APR, Snipe Bot, and Derivatives to optimize venture investment opportunities.


  1. Investment: Multi-Directional Income Source:

    • Lending and Borrowing: Degen Wallet creates opportunities for users to participate in lending and borrowing projects, creating a source of income for the whole community.

    • App Developer: Support developers through Degen Wallet's features and services, generating revenue from creativity.

Interest arising from investment:

  1. Interest arises in two directions:

    • Return Profits to Investors: Degen Wallet is committed to sharing profits fairly with investors, increasing trust, and developing together.

    • Return to the Ecosystem Development Fund: Part of the profits will be returned to the ecosystem development fund to continuously research, develop new features, and expand the influence of Degen Wallet.


Degen Wallet is an ordinary wallet essential to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our professional business model helps maximize user value while ensuring the ecosystem's sustainability and continuous development. Let's build an adventurous and groundbreaking future together with Degen Wallet!

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